Nurse Team

Practice Nurses

Nurse Annie (f)
Practice Nurse Manager.  Nurse Prescriber, involved in clinical governance, Quality and Outcomes Framework, palliative care, wound care management, speciality hypertension and minor illness and general practice nursing.

Nurse Sue (f)
Nurse Prescriber Specialises in diabetes, minor illnesses as well as general practice nursing.
Sue has also qualified as a Nurse Prescriber.

Nurse Joanne (f)
Nurse Joanne is a General Practice Nurse who, as part  of her duties, will administer baby vacinations, do Carers health checks and maintain our Carers Register.  if you are a Carer for a patient registered with us please let Joanne know the details.

Nurse Jackie (f)
Nurse Jackie is available for Immunisations, wound care, Removal of Sutures/clips, Packing wounds/dressings
She also does B12injections, tetanus, Fragmin and INR tests and blood pressure

Nurse Anna (f)

Nurse Kat (f)


Healthcare Assistants

Beth (f)
Phlebotomy (blood tests), Blood Pressures, Removal of Stitches, ECG's, B12 injections and Dressings. 

Zoe (f)
Zoe can take blood and can do blood pressure and 24 hour blood pressures.  She also does ECG's, INR testing and assists with minor operations in the practice.

Zoe is now trained as a smoking advisor and will run clinics at our College Road branch.  First appointment is 45 minutes, any further appointments 20 minutes.

Sharon (f)

Gill (f)

Tanya (f)