College Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG)


About the group

The Patient Participation Group is a group seeking to give patients of the Surgery an opportunity to become actively involved with the doctors and staff to support and enhance the service provided. It is not a fund raising organisation.


What aims does the patients participation group have?

The PPG aims to contribute to quality improvement by encouraging co-operation and consultation. It is not a complaints processing service but do welcome constructive criticism and ideas. In summary:

  • Looking after the practice by providing feedback to, and interchanging views with, the clinical and non-clinical staff attached to the surgery. Patients are invited to put questions and ideas to the PPG; staff consult patients about proposals for change and obtain opinions.
  • Looking after the communityby drawing attention to strengths and weakness in the provision of health care by the surgery and informing patients.
  • Looking after ourselves by supporting talks on health matters of interest to all sections of the community.Since 2007, annual Health Information Evenings covered Women’s Health, Diabetes, Look after your Heart, Stop Smoking, Early signs of Dementia and Men's Health.

Have you some time you could give?

Why not consider volunteering? You may have good ideas on how to improve health facilities in the practice. Join us now. You may have much to gain and/or contribute.

PATIENTS’ VOICE - at the surgery, if you are ever asked to comment in a questionnaire please do so, in order that others may benefit from your experience. If you wish to make comments or suggestions at any time, please talk to a member of staff or use the 'Comments Box' in the waiting room.

Individual complaints should be taken up directly with the surgery not through PPG.


Who attends the patients participation group?

The Patients Participation Group (PPG) consists of:

  • Patients registered with the College Practice
  • Clinical and Non-Clinical Staff of the practice

The PPG committee is elected once a year at the AGM in January.  Meetings are every 3 to 4 months.  If you would like to participate please contact Nick Rowell chair of the PPG.


Group Members

PATIENTS: Chair: Nick Rowell

MEMBERS: Mary McKearney, Nick Rowell, Linda Williams 

SURGERY:  Practice manager, Angela Warren.

CLINICAL: Dr Fernando; at some meetings a nurse


Contacting the PPG

If you would like to contact the PPG then please email us on  (checked weekly).

Minutes of previous meetings can be obtained as a Word document or to join the mailing list, please e-mail our practice chair on

You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time by advising the same e-mail address.