New Normal - We are going Digital

(Thank you for your positive response to this work, the NHS App website may not have expected all of us downloading at the same time, please try again in a few days if you are unable to download it today. When registering for the NHS App, please choose the option to be verified by I.D. If you still need an ODS number, please contact us via Engaged Consult.)

Dear Patients of College Practice,

We would like to thank you for your support and patience during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In order to keep you safe, and to keep our services available when you need them, we will need your help. 
This will mean

  • you should contact us online via Engaged Consult whenever possible, you will now need to register in order to use this service.
  • our team will direct you to the best services for your care (e.g community pharmacy, social prescriber)​,
  • you will be "seen" more over the telephone and through video consultation,
  • you will be given more control of your own health (e.g checking your own blood pressure)
  • you should only be ordering your repeat prescriptions online (e.g. NHS App or Patient Services) or in writing through our letter box, we will STOP accepting request from pharmacies from 1st September 2020*. You will still collect your prescription from your usual pharmacy after at least 3 working days. Please see FAQ for further info.
  • we will invite you for routine reviews when you are due one (e.g asthma, COPD, diabetes).

More importantly, please continue to stay alert, keep your distance if you go out, limit contact with other people, and wash your hands regularly. 

Stay safe and well,

The College Practice Team

*pharmacies will still be allowed to order prescriptions on your behalf if you, 

i) are housebound who cannot order on line, or do not have a carer or representative that can order on your behalf 

ii) use a Monitored Dosage System 

iii) have learning disability who do not have a carer or representative who can order on your behalf 

iv) you have dementia who do not have a carer or representative who can order on your behalf

v) are shielding and do not have a carer or representative who can order on your behalf

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